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Northern California Anesthesiology job
I am recruiting for an Anesthesia Group that was established in 1996. They are currently comprised of 11 Partners, 3 Subcontractors and a Group Facilitator. The Group provides the hospital with 24-hour trauma coverage and 24-hour OB services. Their Surgical cases include major vascular, robotics, ortho, neuro, gyne, peds, plastics, ent, urology and all other general surgical procedures. The Group also provides regional anesthesia as needed. They offer a two year Partnership track reimbursed at 90% of your share of collections. Average annual compensation: $300,000-$320,000 with Income is directly proportioned to work provided. They would provide you with a 3-4 months income stipend while you get up to speed with your cases. Based on past history, you will make an income between $295k to $325k your first year. Night coverage is scheduled for 1st call and OB call during the week. Subcontractors are offered 8 weeks’ vacation. Partners are offered 10 weeks’ vacation. The hospital (465 beds) is located in a medium sized city (225,000 population) in northern California. It offers many of the amenities of California living—including warmer year-round weather with a cost of living that is much lower than other metro areas of California (especially housing cost). This city has excellent public schools, and good mix of shopping and restaurants. They also have a “Center for the Arts” that is the home of five Resident Companies: Central West Ballet, Community Concerts Association, Performing Arts, Symphony Orchestra, and Opera. You are just an hour or two from Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Sequoia National Park, among others, and an hour and a half or so drive from of San Francisco. For someone interested in California, this city is a very good place to both live and too work with all the amenities just a short drive away. As a physician practicing in this community, you are not constrained from developing and building a strong long term viable practice as you would be in the other major California metros. With a draw area of nearly a million patients, and a real need for someone with your practice skills, you will have an ability to build your practice without the added stress of competing for patients with other locally established physicians, which you will find in the major metro areas of California. In essence, you have: • A good doctor-to-population ratio, which makes it more likely there'll be a range of viable practice opportunities available. • Proximity to a hospital providing excellent state-of-the-art care in a range of areas. • A lower-than-average cost of doing business, coupled with an overall lower cost of living. • A great regional medical community serving a patient population of nearly 1 million. It is the medical destination hub for a 6 county area. Overall, you will have a greater income opportunity to go along with a low cost of living. Both are a great combination in building a future for both you and your family. Position 37978: Call Jeff Vairin at (800) 825-7511 or Email Jeff about this position, or enter your contact information online.

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